Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Go Time!

So we are officially one week away from heading to Muskegon! I'm so excited and cannot wait to look at homes! There is one house we really love and I'm trying not to get too excited about the possibility of it not being what we think it is now. I always do this, I tell myself not to get too set on something and get my hopes up, but that never works. Doesn't everyone want to live in a pink house?

I've made lists for weeks of what I need to pack, but have forced myself not to put one thing into the suitcase before next Tuesday, because "ALL WE NEED TO TAKE IS NECESSITIES, AND IF YOU CAN PACK IT A WEEK OUT, THEN YOU MUST NOT REALLY NEED IT TO SURVIVE!!" Some mantra! I always over pack, so this time, I'm going to try to surprise Tom by not packing then entire house into our Trailblazer.

I've tried to get everything done ahead of time, but my lists keep growing. We took the SUV to be serviced so it would be ready for the 20 million trips back and forth from Michigan, so that was over $1000! We've stocked up on some snacks for the car ride and burned some new DVD's to keep the Who-poo entertained for the 14 hour trip. The Evites for the next two SAA play dates are ready to go and I'm almost finished with the SAA Newsletter for April- hooray! We have family pictures this weekend, so we will have pictures of Grant around his second b-day and pictures without me looking like a bloated fish! Oh those days are approaching soon! All I have left to do is go to two Dr's appointments, take all of Tom's dry cleaning, go sign up for my epidural, pay some bills, go to a laser tag party(hubby needs some fun), clean the car out, then pack and load it back full of junk! What a work out!

I'm so excited, I hope next Thursday gets here quickly because I can't wait to see the town that we will be living in for the next 4 years. Now I may not be this excited once I actually see it, but that's another post!


  1. Will you have time to stop by and see me?? :o)

  2. Oh my goodness I love that front porch. I am a sucker for a good porch. Take it! :)

  3. I missed this post before you left. Hope all is going well! Beautiful house!

  4. Hi Lex--I didn't realize you were moving! I can tell you what we did on all of our projects and any tips I might scrounge up, too. :) Send me your email address and I will type it there instead of here. cheyennealexander@hotmail.com