Saturday, April 25, 2009

Country Fun!

We had some spare time this week, (uhm, yeah a LOT of free time, I'm going crazy bored), so we headed out to my sisters, Annie (AKA "A-nay-nay" to Grant) and brother-in-law's, Eric, house in the country. They live in Mannford, in the middle of nowhere, with their 40 acres, 3 cats and 8 horses about 45 minutes from us. My sister works for a big tax company here in Tulsa and Eric is an engineer for an airplane company and have been both working very hard lately due to tax season and all, and if your wife is gone all hours of the day, you might as well rack in some extra dough working overtime. So they have been needing to do some work around their property for some time, but have only now had time to get started. So we decided we would all head out to the country to help plant some flowers and do some yard work! We had a great time together and Grant loved running around their huge yard, seeing the animals, and digging in the dirt. He also loved watering the plants that we had just put in .....and everything else near by!Thanks for having us out guys, we will be back soon to help with more planting!


  1. Looks like Grant got you! Thanks for the birthday gift for Kate - super cute!