Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graduation Festivities!

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to get last week's festivities posted. Between being sick, everyone else being sick, my camera no longer allowing me to directly upload pictures, and life.....ahhhhhh! Now that I've gone to Wally World and gotten CDs with the last 278 pictures I've taken, here's what happened!

It all started off on Tuesday, May 5th with a fun SAA Dinner for the senior wives! We had a delicious meal at Johnny Carino's, got to catch up with people we hadn't seen all year, and get some great gifts. I'm really going to miss working on SAA things and hanging out with the wives, mom's and kiddos!
Now on to Graduation Week!
  • The week started off with a wonderful picnic at Hunter Park. It was great to catch up with everyone, Grant got to play and see some little friends, and Tom got to eat until he was ready to explode.

  • Thursday evening, the 14th, there was a beautiful banquet held at the elegant Double Tree Warren Place. The food was delicious and it was nice to have a date night together and get to dress up! There was also an awards ceremony, what fun!
  • Friday afternoon at 1pm on the 15th, there was the Christian Medical Oath Ceremony for those that were interested in practicing medicine with their focus always on the Lord. The keynote address, by Dr. Miller, was one of the best things I had heard and really put into perspective the importance of being humble, letting God lead you in practice, and keeping priorities straight. I wish this had been the ceremony for everyone, because every doctor needs to hear that important message.

  • Friday night! GRADUATION!!!!! So when we started out planning for graduation, there was going to be Grant, myself, my mom and dad, my Grandma and Grandpa, my Granny, my sister and her hubby, and my Aunt Pam.(10) Well, my dad found out he had a week of training out of state for a week -that week and my Aunt Pam, found out she had a conference that weekend and that meant no one would be available to bring my Granny to graduation either.(-3) Then Tom started feeling bad at the beginning of the week and shared it with the house, Grant, my mom and I all got it, of course my mom got it the worse, so she couldn't make it to graduation and Grant was feeling bad as well, so he stayed home with Nana.(-2) Next, my Grandparents found out we were sick and wanted nothing to do with that, so they sent all the presents in a box and said congrats over the phone. (-2) So once Friday night rolled around my Sister, her hubby and myself were the only ones in attendance, poor Tom, this is not how he envisioned graduation at all. Anyway, we had a great evening, I was soooooo excited for him and am ecstatic that I am now married to a Doctor!Man, I'm huge!

Presenting Dr. Thomas Howard!!!!!!

Since we thought we were going to have loads of company, we really worked hard baking, cleaning, and getting food together. Since none of us were feeling well, it took EVERYONE's help to get it all finished! hehe (I do have to say though, we all agreed it was nice to have a stress free week, without company, so we really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.)

Could there be an 8th doctor in the family??


  1. Wow, what a busy week! I'm sad we missed the picnic. I totally forgot. It's right down the street from us. Oops! Sorry y'all were all sick and not many could attend... still, I am so proud of you BOTH for making it through med school!