Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Poop or Not To Poop......

Well, at the Howard House, bowel movements seem to be the hot topic. Don't feel like you have to read this entire post, most of it is just for my personal documentation, but you can join me if you like!

It has been another 7 days with nothing from Morgan. The doctor wanted us to give a teaspoon of prune juice with a teaspoon of rice cereal three times a day in the hope that this would bulk up his stool so it would really feel like he had something in there to push out but hopefully prune juice would make it easier to go. Well no go! So Monday I have to call and report and we are on to the next step and more tests. Hopefully they can figure something out.

Then in happy pooping news, Grant went on the big boy potty this evening and went big boy poopy all by himself!!! Hoorrray! He finally got it! We went to the store last week and got some big boy underwear, of course he picked Car undies!

So first he would go in his diaper, then say "Potty Mommy." And then he would ask for his big boy underwear. Then later in the week he would ask for his undies, then put them on and then go in them and then take them off and hand them to me. I tried to explain that they weren't for going in, but that we wore them until we had to go and then would go on the big potty. He looked at me like, huh?

So finally tonight, he was kinda grunting, crying, and his face was all red so I said lets go on the potty. I guess it was really uncomfy tonight but after about 10 minutes on the potty, I ran into the living room to stick the paci back in the scream baby's mouth and told Grant, "Sit down and wait for Mommy". Much to my surprise, when I got back he had gone in the potty!!!!! (well some was in the potty, some on the seat, and some on his step stool, but HOOOORAY he did it!!!

So we had a brownie and some M&M's to celebrate and even called Daddy who's on call tonight! He was very proud of himself but was ready for bed, so he kissed me goodnight, said " Night night Mommy" and shut the door in my face. He's getting so big. Big boy bed, going to the potty, and no whining at bedtime, he puts himself to bed now. I miss my baby but am sooo proud of him!


  1. Sorry to hear about Morgan's poop issues....poor miserable for both of you. Praying for some relief and that the tests still indicate that no surgery is needed.

    But YAY for Grant! Potty week--for sure! Geesh, potty training before his THIRD birthday is AWESOME! Isn't it funny what we get excited about once we have little people?

  2. I hope you guys can get some answers soon to make life less stressful.

    Way to go, Grant!

  3. I hope your little boy gets to feeling better. That is so great about Grant, We still can't get Levi to use the big boy potty. I don't know what we r going to do with him.