Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

I'm following Sara in her Weigh In Wednesday and am desperately trying to stick with some sort of plan to help me loose some baby weight. My goal is to loose 17 lbs. putting me at a healthy 145. My 8 jeans are feeling quite snug and I would like to slim down a bit. I did a BMI calculator today and this is what I found:

Your Height: 5'11"
Your Weight: 162
Your BMI: 22.6

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

So I still fall into the healthy category, but I would rather be near the lower end of the range. Even more important to me would be to feel more toned. Do to being so weak and fatigued, I'm very limited on what I can do but I feel my muscle beginning to atrophy, not fun. I would like my arms, core, legs to be stronger and would like a flatter tummy and smaller thighs (come on, who wouldn't!).
My question is, do you have an eating or exercising program

that you follow, used to follow, or are in love with?

I would love some advice as lately I have been watching my portions sizes closely, but then end up eating more before the day is over because I am sooooo hungry from skimping earlier. Grant literally sucked the fat right off of me, but I was more active then too. This time things are different and the lack of mobility is killing me. I really look forward to getting some great advice from you ladies!!


  1. Lex, if you're breast feeding, I think Weight Watchers is a healthy way to get started on the weight loss journey. After you get the principles, you can drop the meetings.

    Find a mommy walking group (I was active in Stroller Strides, and there is a great one around called Baby Boot Camp). They can guide you to safely do exercise postpartum. Or get out and walk with your kiddos in the stroller.

    If you want to step it up a notch, Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred is great. I've been using Chalene Johnson's Extreme DVDs, too. She focuses on heavy weight, low reps. Both will work your core. The ABS Diet for Women book is also good, after you get portions under control with Weight Watchers.

    Rambling now.

  2. Thanks Dion, great ideas. I guess I should have put in there that we cant spend money on a program or gym membership right now, I'm not sure how much WW cost but it's not free, right?

    The boys and I walk together daily, but after about two blocks, I'm very weak, tired, and my vision is blurry, so I'm definately not ready to step it up a notch, hehe. And since my hands/arms are so weak(most times I can't open a water bottle) I can't really do any weight lifting.

    In my reading, many people recommend water aerobics and yoga for people with fibromyalga/chronic fatigue so I'm looking into that. Again, money, but the hosp does offer $4 classes for rehabilitation so my doctor is seeing if insurance might cover some.

    OK, well now I sound so pathetic and whiny.....sorry, but keep the ideas coming!

  3. Lex, I do Weight Watchers and would be willing to help you get started with it without going to the meetings or paying. I can tell you how many points and whatnot you can eat each day and I think I have an extra slide ruler to help figure out points and exercise. Let me know. I've lost about 35 pounds on it and was doing really well before the whole gallbladder thing. As far as exercising, if you find something great, let me know too. I really need to do that more. Maybe we can just walk at the mall this winter or something and then sit and let the kiddos play in the play area. Hope this helps some.

  4. Hey, I totally understand about the money thing. WW is about $12 a week until you reach Lifetime - then free. I'll look to see if I have an extra slide for you. I, too, can give you your point allowance.

  5. You will have to let me know when u find something that works. I'm so ready to lose my baby weight. Also I wouldn't think you could do weight watchers or diet while your breast feeding. Do they have plan's for breast feeding mother's?

  6. Lex, I did WW for a month with a free enrollment coupon and the monthly fee was $17. I lost 10 pounds that month but then didn't have money to continue so I gained it right back, lol. A good FREE substitute that I found is the "Lose It" app on my phone. I'm assuming there are other online calorie counters that you can use too. I've heard good things bout I think. Good luck! I also love Chalene Johnson's stuff... I'm using the Turbo Jam series with my sis now and having fun!

  7. Thanks ladies, I really appreciate all the advice and help!

  8. Darrica and Lex,
    Yes, you can do WW while breast feeding. They have a nursing moms points. I thought it was actually too much food for my body, but I ate the points anyway - 'cause they told me I had to.

  9. Glad you're joining me! I have all the WW stuff and can help in anyway - I'm a lifetime member. I'm still working on getting started as you can see from my blog!

  10. You can get workout videos from the library for free too. I do better in a group setting, but if that won't work for you, you can rent some videos from the library. Our YMCA has payment assistance and our insurance reimburses us if we go a certain number of times a year, so maybe look into that???