Friday, February 12, 2010

Faith in Action Friday: When Plans Get Changed!

Did it EVER cross our minds that we would be leaving Michigan after being here less than a year???

Did we EVER think we would be switching to an Family Medicine Residency??

Did we EVER think we would be selling our FIRST home so quickly after working so hard at renovating it?

Did I ever think I would pack things back into a box that I had gotten out less than a week ago or have boxes that I NEVER got unpacked at all?

Uhm.......NO! Well that's kinda an understatement.

We are very excited that God opened this door for us and can't wait to see the benefits. We have been praying for some time about trying to get our priorities in line. We have always tried to keep God, then family, then others in that order, but because of the hours at work, the work the house needed, and our reliance on self, we had been getting things all wrong.

So, here we are, we are excited to see where God is leading us, how this change will affect our life in the long run, and what great things He has planned. We have taken a spot back in Tulsa at OSU and are excited to get started! In the meantime, Tom is continuing to rack up internship credit here, we are trying to finish up the house, and get things together.

God has a great plan and we are ready to follow. We have learned so much during the stressful time about God, our faith, each other, and about others around us. I am so thankful that God kicks our legs out from under us sometimes so that we totally rely on Him and it's been amazing!


  1. I'd love to hear more of how you came to this decision. Big change!

  2. Wow, God is definitely moving! I understand the feeling "what did you say, God?" We felt that way when we worked so hard to get our house and then lost it 4 months later, but God had a better plan than we could have imagined. I won't say the fire (spiritual emphasis) didn't hurt, but we are definitely stronger and better in the outcome. And personally I am excited that a) you're coming back here and b) Tom is filling such a desperate need in Family Medicine. That's awesome!