Monday, February 22, 2010

Motherhood Mondays: Home Management

Do you treat the blessing of being able to stay home like you would a job outside the home? Do you have objectives for each day, maybe even a checklist, or planner that you use to stay focused?

I love being home, but some days it feels like 5:30PM rolls around super quickly and I look at the house and can't remember ANYTHING that I did that day.....then there are some days that the day drags on and again, I look around at total chaos and wonder what I did that day too.

The days I find that I accomplish the most are those days that I make a checklist or write down things that need to be done and check them off. I love lists, lists for chores, lists for menu items, lists for appointments, lists for lists! Yes, I'm obsessed!

I think my main reason for this post is to see if anyone has any fun ideas on how to stay more focused as a home manager. I know that at an outside job I wouldn't be listening to Moody radio all day, chatting on the computer, or watching some TV.....but again, that's why I'm blessed to stay home. I do try to regulate how much I'm watching the TV or are on the computer, but some days I walk around trying to think what to do next......not that there aren't TONS of things to do, but sometimes it's just overwhelming to do the same thing again or start something that I know will be interrupted in 2 minutes.

I am really looking forward to hearing some ideas, personal triumphs and flubs, and maybe even some fun tools that you use to clean, organize, or schedule your life!!!

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  1. I'm a huge list person too. I try to have a list for the week and each day knock out a few things. I will work on it according to what the kids are doing... school, naps, etc.

    I do laundry, run dishwasher and pick up everyday so I don't feel behind.

    I don't usually watch tv until after kids are in bed at night. That's when Kyle and I usually catch up on our shows.

    I also have a planner that I would be lost without!