Sunday, May 9, 2010


I'm so grateful on this Mother's Day! I have been truly blessed in so many ways! In our society we get so wrapped up in the rush of everyday life, we often forget how easy we have it and how many things we have that others never experience.

Have you ever taken the time to think about what you really have??? Have you ever really thought about what other families are going without?

I'm grateful I have a working washer and dryer - can you imagine leaning over a washtub for hours hand scrubbing your families clothes? Don't even get me started on having to hand wash our cloth diapers! :)

I'm grateful for our one car and scooter that God has blessed us with! I've not only learned that it's a want to have two vehicles, not a need; but, I've also learned I need to be home with my babies! (Also, when I leave the house I not only spend gas money, but we spend money on food and other things we don't need!)

I'm grateful to be able to stay home and raise my babies! I can't imagine allowing someone else to shape and mold them. I can't imagine someone else seeing their first step or hearing their first word and then being told about it.

I'm grateful for a hard working husband who gives his time and energy to help others. It is a sacrifice for us, but we know that God is using him to heal bodies and lead others to the Lord! I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend!!!

I'm grateful for two silly, healthy, crazy, goofy, sweet, caring, dirty, cuddly, and lively boys!!! I know there are many couples that are never blessed with their own babies or who have babies that are sick or handicapped. I can't believe that God blessed us so much by giving us our own sweet babies!!!

I'm grateful for my family and friends! I'm truly blessed to have a great support system that is always there for me through the ups and downs. I'm thankful for my parents who instilled God's love in me and who has moved me to and from EVERY place I have lived.

I'm grateful for a beautiful, warm home to raise my family in! I can't even imagine what being homeless would be like. I can't imagine how a mother feels when her babies are cold and living in filth. Can you imagine living in a hut with bugs and mud around you?

I'm so grateful for cabinets full of food when many people go to bed hungry. How do you comfort family members with empty bellies?

I'm grateful to live in a free country, where I can worship my Lord, vote as I see fit, own a gun, and not be afraid of a bomb exploding in my back yard. I know that many of these freedoms are under fire right not, but we still have it so much better than most people do.

I'm grateful for some wants that the Lord has truly blessed us with. I'm grateful for our TV's, a beautiful bedroom set, pretty dishes, and some nice shoes and purses. I'm grateful for my jar of bubble bath, for my computer, and for the beautiful flowers in my garden.

Our family has been truly blessed, maybe we don't have everything we want but we have all our needs met and so so so much more!! Our hope is to instill this kind of grateful spirit in our children, so that they can enjoy the simple things and remember that EVERY good and perfect gift is from above!!!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet reminder of what we have to be grateful for! Being a mom is something I didn't think I wanted to be for many years... but now that I have my boys (well, almost plural!) I wouldn't give them back for anything! It is truly the greatest blessing. :o)