Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Simple Life: Contentment

I think being content is one of the best things in life, it may also be one of the hardest things as well. I love this post from Money Saving Mom, I encourage you to read and think about it. I think to live simply one has to start at the heart of the matter. All the good intentions in the world will not get one to the place of being happy with the simple things unless their heart is in it.

I went to an event last week with many longtime doctor's wives, and the conversation dwelt on stuff, the need for it, the desire for it, and the "pain" of delayed gratification. As I left the event, I felt so downcast. I had let those women, who could now have almost anything they wanted and had already too much stuff, drag me down into thinking how "bad off we were." But then I realized with even all the money they had, they weren't happy or content. They were looking for more, hunting for fulfillment, and complaining because of needs/wants that weren't being met.

There is never enough time, never enough money, and never enough stuff to keep one happy. Only true fulfillment comes from the Lord above. He supplies ALL we need. Jesus Himself gave us an example of how to pray...."Give us THIS day our daily bread." Just as God supplied manna every day in the wilderness for His people, He will supply all we need. We don't need to be concerned about what tomorrow will bring or how we will provide for our family tomorrow, God will take care of everything! I'm not saying it will be easy or a cake walk, but we can rest on the fact that God will supply all our needs, we don't have to concern ourselves with what we don't have or what we think we need.
I know that it is very easy to look to the future as our hope and see the present as a (hopefully) short time of heartache, delayed gratification, and sacrifice. But what if today is all you have? What if the raise never comes, the easy times never come your way? What if the heartache continues for a lifetime? Can you be content that God knows exactly what He is dealing you?
I know there has been many times when I now look back and realize those hard times were the best times. They brought me closer to God, closer to my husband, and brought me many times to my knees.

Are you content with where you are in life?

Are you content with the big things like:

~being home with your children?

~the home you've been blessed with?

~the job your husband has?

~the money God has lent to you?

Are you content with the small things like:

~the clothes/shoes/purses in your closet

~the car you drive

~the food you eat

~the stuff you own

I would love to hear the battles and successes you have had over discontentment.

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