Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Simple Life: God Provides

I think we often forget that God is interested in even the most insignificant details of our lives and that He does work EVERYTHING for our good!

Last night we were watching a show on food network and we both commented on how long it has been since we went out and enjoyed a really good bowl of chicken alfredo pasta WITH BACON, YUMMY!!! This is something that we both really enjoy, but only comes as a treat!

Tom called me at lunch time and said, "Don't make dinner, I'm bringing home a surprise!!" We chatted a little more and as always I was nosy and said, "Do I need to cook something for the boys or do we all like it?" Tom said he couldn't hold the news in any longer!! The lecturer today at work had brought Johnny Carino's! Yummmmm, I thought and then Tom said, "It's chicken alfredo pasta.....with bacon!!"

Isn't God great??? He supplies our needs and even some of our wants. Tom is bringing home a lovely FREE dinner, because no one else wanted any! Remember God knows what is best for us, He knows our likes and dislikes, He knows our needs and wants, you don't even have to ask.



  1. I love those tender mercies. They sure are wonderful. I hope you all enjoy!!

  2. Hey Lexi! That is awesome! I love how He shows us that He is interested in even what seems the smallest matters in our lives. I wanted to encourage you to check out recipes on sites like (one of my favorites because you can read reviews of the recipes). It looks like this dish is pretty simple, and definitely healthier, to prepare at home. Here is on recipe I found right off:
    Additionally, alfredo sauce is super simple to make (only about 4 ingredients), so I could give you that recipe if you want. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks Kierlee! Thanks for the link, I look at that site all the time. Me likey to cook ALOT, that's why I got a restaurant/hotel degree, so I could EAT all the time!! Hehe, I can't believe we are't 4oolbs each!!!