Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Train

All of us on the way into Christmas train! Grant had already heard the train, so getting him to look at the camera was impossible! Come on people, let's go!!!

None of my pictures turned out from the big train, but Grant wanted me to post this picture of him riding the little train!! He loved it!

This is where we enjoyed a delicious hotdog, french fries, water, cookie, and a can of coke. I haven't had a can of coke in forever, man it tasted great!!

I just love hats with ears!!

Waiting for the train!!

Riding the carousel!!
It was a last minute decision to go for my birthday because the weather was so nice that day. I'm so glad we decided to go, we had a great time as a family!!

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  1. Glad you guys got to go on such a great night! Merry Christmas!