Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project Simplify/ 40 Bags: Paper Work

Paper piles are my nemesis, so I have to work extra hard to stay on top of them!!
Fridays are my normal day for filing and dealing with paperwork, but since I don't have much each week, it usually ends up getting stacked on the top of our little bedroom TV until the 2nd Friday of the month when I pay all the bills for the month.
When the mail comes I try to open it right away while standing by my kitchen island, that is where I sort it into piles, bills and things that need to be dealt with, trash, and file.
The things that need to be filed get moved to the TV.
(I picked this location as it is high enough where little hands won't scatter my pile)

We use a cardboard file box, so that each year when we are finishd filing things away, we can just stick the entire box in our storage area and we will know where everything is. I move things like warrantees and other ongoing files to the next year's box so I don't have to open the old box all the time.

Things that need to be paid or dealt with, go on my cute bulletin board in my laundry room until the 2nd Friday and then I go online, pay all the bills, and then I file it away with my TV stack!!! It's nothing exciting, but it seems to work.

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