Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hearts At Home: Miracles

I've been a member/supporter of Hearts at Home for some time now, but just recently they have regrouped to start a wonderful Third Thursday Blog Hop! It's a great way to share one's thoughts on a certain topic, get encouraged by other people's posts, and support one another in our journey as moms! I hope you will enjoy these discussions and be renewed by the topics!

Have I experienced any miracles in my life?

Yes, as a Christian, I think the most amazing miracle in my life has been that God chose me to be one of His children. I think alot of times I forget and take for granted that being saved was not my choice. God didn't just offer this fantastic gift to everyone in the world and then it was my great idea to accept this amazing gift. When I think about the awesome God that chose to bring me into His family as one of His children, I realize the amazing miracle that has occurred in my life.

I've also seen God's miracles in my everyday life. I've seen my husband walk away from a wreck that totaled our vehicle and should have killed many. I've seen Him provide for our family when we thought a door had slammed shut on us. He opened a fantastic new life for our family and gave us the wake up call we needed to remember that He is in control of our lives, not us. I've seen Him miraculously multiply our resources in order to take care of our family, bless others, and grow more dependent on Him. I've seen Him bless us with two healthy little boys and protect another little one still growing that will hopefully make her appearance sometime in June.

I think miracles happen to us everyday, but we take for granted the fact that God always takes care of His children and always gives us what it best for us. Miracles may seem like a negative or a trial sometimes, but what a miracle it is that God loves us enough to take the time to mold, chisel, and refine us to be more like Him everyday.

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