Friday, June 10, 2011

My Woogie is 2!!!!

My little guy is two and Mama isn't ready for him to be this big!!! It seems like just yesterday that God sent us this fiery bundle of spunk!! The first 6 months of his life were spent sitting on the couch from 8pm- 3am screaming and crying. Mommy was so worried that there was something wrong with you, but nothing ever came of it.....I think you just wanted an excuse to stay up late!!! Woogie is so smart and sneaky, I'm always amazed at how he can figure things out and what he can get into in such a short time. He is silly, ornery, and a cuddle bug all rolled into one. He is talking like crazy and can count to two on his own but with a little encouragement from Bubba he knows that nine comes after eight!! Morgan loves Bubble Guppies, Curious George, Team Umizoomi, and Max and Ruby!!(He is just like Max!) We are so thankful God sent you our way and we have had a great 2 years with you in our lives!!! We can't wait to see you continue to grow into the sweet little man that God made you to be!!

My sexy boys!!!

Whatcha doin??

Hi there!!

I know how to use the camera!!!

My sweet baby!!

Painting with Daddy!!!

I love my Bubba!!!

My little Pigpen!!!

We love you Woogie!!!!

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