Thursday, July 21, 2011

Third Thursday Thoughts: A Chip Off the Old Block

This month's Heart's at Home Blog Hop question is:
How are you like your mom? How are you different?

I love my mom so much, she is such a wonderful, Christian example to me. She is a great mom, wife, friend, and Christian and is just plain fun to be around! She has the patience of a saint and a really looooonnnngggg fuse. I asked her how she managed both of these things once and she told me her secret. She used to be a hot head and impatient, some qualities I possess, but said that one day she realized it was wrong and asked God to take those things away from her.....and being the faithful God He is, He did just that. Obviously there are still times when she has to really work at it, but God really helped her realize that He wanted better things for her. I always seem to be praying for patience and I know with time He will help me too!

We are both compassionate people that love to get involved and help others and we both love to volunteer to serve when we see a need. We are both hard workers and have great work ethics and morals. I'm thankful that I received some of her positive qualities and pray that God will bless me with more as I grow as a mom, wife, and Christian!

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