Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Future Dividends

I have a pet peeve....it's putting a trash bag in the kitchen trash can. Pretty silly, huh? My husband is fabulous at always rounding up the trash, dumping it together, and taking it out to the dumpster. Many a night he remembers that he forgot to put the dumpster out for the trash man and goes out in any weather to put it out on the curb, yet still, I have this "problem".

I just hate to get out the bag and put it in! But you know what else I hate?
When I have to pull out a bag, try to juggle dumping the overflowing trash into it, sweep up what I've split, grab damp trash with my bare hand, scrub out the can, wait for it to dry .........and then put a fresh bag in!

We have to make decisions like this all day, every day as moms. Do I unload the dishwasher now, so I don't have to stack dishes in the sink or will I wait and then have to unload it and immediately reload it, run it, and have to scrub the sink as well?? Will I run a load of laundry now and completely put it away or will I leave in somewhere waiting until a little one unfolds it or gets it dirty and I have to rewash and refold??

The underlying question to any dilemma like this is:
Is it worth it to invest the time in the NOW, to reap the benefits in the FUTURE?
Head back next Monday to see how this problem spills over into our parenting.....

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