Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Simplify Week 3: Drawers

 So this week Simple Mom wanted us to focus on drawers and closets, so I worked on my desk/computer area in my bedroom since it seems to be the catch-all for our home. It was in major need of decluttering and organizing!

Not a pretty sight!


Pile of things to trash!

 The finished project!! Yes, my hubs surprized me with some flowers that week, so I thought they would look great here!!! 

How is your decluttering coming along? Link up!


  1. Much better! And yay for your husband getting you flowers! Where did you put your computer? Laptops never seem to have a home in our family.

  2. Oh- never mind, I see it now (mommy brain). I thought that was part of your printer. :)