Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days to a Stress Free Holiday Season - Day 6

Now that your decorations are at your finger tips, it is time to go through them and get rid of all the things you've been holding onto for years. You know those toilet paper turkeys you made as a kid and those cheap looking fake pumpkins........get rid of everything you don't absolutely love.

Now is a great time to really think about how you really want your house to look like this season. Are there tacky things in that storage tub that it is time to part with? Are you going for a more grown up and sophisticated look and need to possibly purchase a few more nice things to complete your decor? A few really nice things are always much better than a lot of junk scattered all over your home.

Tomorrow it's time to decorate so get things cleared out today and start visualizing your home beautifully adorned with the colors of fall!!

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