Sunday, June 16, 2013

Umizoomi, Umizoomi!!

 Last Friday night, we headed to the Bartlesville Kiddie Park (AKA the Fair) to celebrate our little man turning 4!! We totally surprised  everyone and they had a huge blast!

 Our Woogy didn't know what theme he was having for his birthday either, so when we unveiled his Team Umizoomi cake, he was super excited!!!

 Papa and Nana got our little bug lover his own bug explorer kit!!

 Complete with bug habitat,

 explorer hat, 

 bug vacuum, net, and vest!!!

 Woogy also got a water squirter (which he said was the perfect size just for Paigey!)

 and some "Umi-goggles!

 None of our family had been to this park before, so we weren't quite sure what to expect......but it was perfect for all our littles! They loved ALL the rides and we stayed until the park closed!!

 Paige LOVED the little cars!!

 I was just waiting for someone to fall in!

 The rockets were a favorite and were ridden numerous times!!

 All three kiddos enjoyed the ship, I wasn't sure if Paige and Morgan would like it, but they were all smiles!

 Paige did not like the ferris wheel!


 Paige had to be dragged off the swings multiple times that night! She was adorable saying "more" and signing it. She didn't understand that you had to get back in line to go again and really just wanted to keep going around and around.

 The Train was so much fun! 

 The birthday boy was giddy!!!

 And even Nana and Papa joined in on the fun!!

 Yeah ecstatic!!

 Back to the cars!!

 The big boys really enjoyed the roller coaster, I wasn't for sure if Grant would like it, but they really thought it was so much fun!!

 Since we got home so late the night of the party, Woogy didn't get to play with any of his presents. But first thing Saturday morning, our little explorer was geared up and ready to go first thing!!! 

 After catching numerous bugs, beetles, and butterflies, it was time to cool off and play with his new slip n' slide!!!

 Everyone thought it was such a blast! Not to mention this momma loved that it ran all the energy off the kiddos and they crashed at bedtime!!!


Our sweet Woogy is getting to be such a big guy! He has such a soft, caring heart, always thinks of others first, and has the most creative, imaginative ideas. He is such a tease, can play the best tricks, tells the best jokes and has the most infectious laugh. We are so blessed to have such a fuzzy little sweety that always keeps us on our toes and gives the best cuddles!! We love you Woogy, Happy Birthday!

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