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This is How We Do It: Kid's Clothes

Clothes are something we all have to face and face routinely,  so having a system in place really helps our home life run smoothly.

Twice a year, I get really excited because the "changing of the clothes" time is upon us! And this year I had a sweet volunteer offer to help! I just love training this little momma!

It all starts by taking every item out of each drawer and vacuuming it clean.
 It's so lovely to start with a blank canvas!

I sort all of Grant's outgrown items into three stacks, one to keep to pass down to Morgan the next year, one to donate, and the other to trash. It is very rare to have to get rid of items, so most of  the time I just move these items to the left section of our trundle drawer under the boy's bunkbed.

Morgan's clothes get sorted the same way, but with his sort I am very strict on what I keep. Since Grayson is 4 years behind, it needs to be a very special outfit to warrant being stored that long. It's better to just pass most things onto someone else to enjoy. Also, after two boys, many things are ready to to be passed onto someone's ragbag. ;)

Now it's time for some fun!

At the end of last summer, I raided the clearance racks all over town to find some great bargains(something I do at the end of every season). As I find these cheap treasures, I stash them away in the trundle drawer. I keep a list of what I need with me as I shop as to not get miss matched items or too many things. (Like if I find plaid shorts with a red stripe, I would add a red golf shirt to my list or I would write 3 nice outfits size 6)

So now I get to pull everything out and refill the drawers with fun new outfits and "new to you" clothes!!!

 Here is Grant's new summer wardrobe above and Morgan's is below. Both pictures are missing one set of good clothes, as I had already laid out their church clothes for the next morning. I'll also be buying one more playshirt for Morgan.

Here are what the drawers look like after items are put in.  For the boys, I roll their laundry as this keeps their drawers tidy and clean. Most items I get for them mix and match, so I just line shirts up front and pants/shorts in the back. This also makes it really easy for them to fold and put away their own clothes.

Underwear lies flat, socks get balled, but everything else, including bathing suits, get rolled.

 Jammies, socks, undearwear, and swim suit drawers.

 Grant's play clothes.

Grant's nice clothes.
 I left his jeans in, just because it's Michigan and it could snow tomorrow ....or in June.

Morgan's play clothes. Again rolled with shirts in the front and bottoms in the back.

Again jeans are left in the nice clothes drawer, something I never had to do in OK! ;)

Now it's time to move onto Paige's clothes! It would be a lie if I didn't say I was totally giddy with this job!

So far, it has been a breeze to find girl's clothes on clearance, many for around $1. 

Paige's clothes get folded in outfit packs, with a bottom folded with its matchig top. Also, if their are leggings, a skirt, and top,  they all get folded together for easy grabbing by my little fashionista! ;)

Socks, tights, jammies, bathing suit, and undies(aka kitties)!

Play clothes!

Nice clothes. And she has three dresses hanging her closet.
By keeping clothing choices greatly limited, clothes aren't over taking our home causing stress, drawers stay tidy, and laundry day is quick and simple! Our clothes get a lot of wear since there are fewer option, so I don't buy used, especially when 2+ kids will be wearing them. However, by shopping clearance racks and buying less, our clothes budget remains small. 
When we first had kids, we had so many clothes that half of their wardrobe never got worn, or got worn once or twice and I was constantly folding, washing, putting away, and organizing clothes. I actually found items with tags still on them when packing up outgrown clothing. Such a waste. God has shown us that being a good steward and buying only what we need is a blessing to our family and also allows us to help others with the money and time we save!
Want to minimize the headache of clothes?
 I recommend the following:
~Less is More~
 Aim for (per person per season) 4-6 play outfits, 4-6 nice outfits, 5-6 undies, 2-3 jammies, 4-5 socks, 1 dress shoe, 1 nice shoe, 1 bathing suit/cover up
~Keep Drawers Tidy~
Roll outfits that can be mixed and matched
Fold set outfits into easy to grab packs
~ Evaluate Needs~
It's easy to buy things you don't need when they are cheap
Make a detailed list before you shop - stick to it!
What are some tricks you use to keep kid's clothes under control?
 I'd love to hear them!

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