Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Curriculum: 2014 -2015

Every year before the school year begins, I always sit down and share my curriculum picks for our family. Well this year that never happened. The school year started off with a bang, we got engrossed in our studies, life, the lovely fall weather, and our homeschool co-op and it just slipped out of my mind.

Well, I didn't want to just gloss over our curriculum this year, because, well frankly, we love it! It's been fun, interesting, easy, and enjoyable and the kids have learned so much! Without further ado:

Group Learning:
Grant (age 7): 
Paige (age 3): 
So far we are loving learning as a family and the Beautiful Feet core has worked great for everyone. We enjoy cuddling together every day on the couch as we read great classic books, adventure stories, and other great read alouds as we journey through early American history. Most of the other items we are using in a group setting tie in with our history core. So as we read about history we are also drawing Indians, writing about the Pilgrim's voyage, building log :common houses", coloring maps of England, Holland, and the new world, journaling about the character qualities these brave adventurers displayed, and discussing what we are learned from their success and mistakes. It has taken our learning to such a practical level that allows us to apply what we've learned in our every day lives!
While plans may change, we hope to continue using many of these resources next year and continue learning in such a relaxed and easy format. I hope to review more of what we are using this year and share some things we hope to adventure into in the future! 

What things are you using this year that you just love and want to share? 

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