Thursday, February 5, 2015

No, I'm not.

I saw a post on FB the other day to blog post asking, "Are you a fun mom?" I didn't need to click on the link to know the answer to this question. Every once in a while? Yes. Regularly? No.

It's such a shame too, because I used to be a really fun gal, but after I got sick, I turned into the "lets-get-things-checked-off-and-if-at-6pm-mom-isn't-dead-on-the-couch-I-will-let-you-get-something-out-that-doesn't-make-a-mess-I-will-have-to-clean-up-and-I-will-WATCH-you-have-fun" mom. Disappointing I know. 

We even got our school work done ahead this week, due to a co-op snow day, and still the thought of the effort and time it would take to have that extra fun, seemed overwhelming. My hubby said yesterday, "We will get everything cleaned up and our school work finished for the week and tomorrow you will be free to have fun with mom!" They looked at me and I looked at them. I think we were both aware of the disappointment that phrase held.

It's easy to get sidelined with the "have to do's" and not be able to get to the "need to do's". Sometimes we just need to stop our work, enjoy life, love our kids in a tangible, hands on way, and have fun! Good clean fun, and if you are really brave, maybe some dirty fun too!!!

I highly encourage you to stop today and be the FUN MOM!!!

Here's what is happening at the Howard House today!!!! 
What are you doing today to enjoy, love, and have fun with your children?

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