Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Day in the Life....Homeschool Edition(10, 8, 6, 4,& 2yo)

Our family follows an eclectic approach with mostly a Charlotte Mason based curriculum and feel. I use what works well for us and try to tailor learning to each of my kiddos as they are so amazingly different! We do many of our subjects together as a group with everyone listening in and then different children narrating back, starting with the youngest and then each one going a little deeper into understanding as their age allows.

We love learning together as it gives us all common topics to discuss and helps the kids act and play out what they learned that day. I regularly hear battles being reenacted, speeches being recited, and adventures being taken with multiple kids included and it does a momma's heart good to hear their love for learning being shared with siblings!

If you look back through previous years of my curriculum posts, you will notice that some favorites haven't changed but that in some areas we've really mixed things up. Beautiful Feet is still our favorite core curriculum and no matter which pack we've completed, we've enjoyed every moment of learning and  been sad to see it end. My kids still think Teaching Textbooks is a computer game and I'm happy to allow them to remain under that impression. ;) We still love Simply Charlotte Mason's Resources for nature and science and their method for memorizing Scripture is solid and lasting.

Some new things we have tried this year are Science Shepherd's CD based Introduction to Science and A Year of Playing Skillfully. Both have added another exciting level of learning to our days.

Science Shepherd clearly and concisely presents science from a biblical perspective beginning at Creation and gives a brief survey through many scientific topics. We have learned a lot  and everyone looks forward to this program, but we wish the sound was better on the disks and that the speaker was more engaging in his presentation.

A Year of Playing Skillfully has been everything The Homegrown Preschooler claimed it to be and MORE! I'm not a proponent of formal learning before age 6, but we LOVE to play in our home! While you can easily get overwhelmed by all the options each month, I use it as a idea springboard and pick 5-7 activities for the month. My Littles love the fun play and my Bigs always join in as well! The best part is that no one realizes they are learning but many important skills and concepts are being imparted as they all laugh and giggle together.

So without further delay, here are our 2017-2018 curriculum picks!

Group Learning:

Grant (age 10): 

Grayson(4) & Olivia(2)

What are you using in your learning this year? What have been your new favorites?

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  1. I'm just this year realizing that we already use many Charlotte Mason methods... it's so exciting to realize there's a name for what we're doing, and it's working for others too! We also mix in some digital learning, and are still finding our balance with group learning vs. individual work. It's been a really fun year. Glad to see your post!