Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bunny Luv!

Have I mentioned lately that I love my wonderful husband?!?!? He has been so wonderful lately, not that he isn't super wonderful all the time, but since he has finished his schooling and we are just hanging out waiting for a closing date on our house and for graduation to roll around.....oh yes and a baby to come, we have had some wonderful free time together. We have never had this kind of free time....ever!

In college we always had classes over the summer and we were busy with RA duties and Floor President duties during the normal semester and summer as well. We got married and still stayed busy in our dorm for another year. Then we moved to Tulsa for medical school and I commuted back to Stillwater 3 times a week to finish my last semester and to be a TA there. I also started managing an apartment complex Tommy's family owned that semester to make some extra money. Then in January we moved into the corporate suites across the road from the apartment complex I managed and I took over being the property manager there as well! About a year later we added Grant to our family and that added a whole new definition to take your kid to work day......every day! Another year down the road and it was time to quit working, put everything in storage, and head onto the road for rotations! We had such fun moving around with Daddy, but it was very stressful as well, especially when you have to take your crazy Jack Russel Terrier with you, ahhhhhhhhh!

So here we are today, staying with my parents and just days away from starting to fix up our new home and moving to Muskegon and boy has it been a journey! The down time has been so refreshing and relaxing. I'm so thankful to have Tommy in my life, I can't imagine my life without him. God has really blessed us with some wonderful adventures that we never thought we would experience and we have grown closer along the way!

Thanks Bunny for always being there for me and Grant, for being the strong godly man of my dreams and for always being the kind, caring father to Grant. Thanks for changing tons of diapers already on this break (did I mention I haven't changed one since March 30th?)! Oh I love you Bunny! Thanks for being so excited about painting and installing new floors in our home, and running with me to Lowe's and Home Depot almost everyday to check out fun stuff we can do to our cute cape cod. Thanks for cooking dinner and letting me sleep in so that I will feel better during the day! I'm so thankful for you! Kissss!