Monday, April 13, 2009

Crafty Creations!

Here is my latest creation. I have been trying to stay busy, hehe, like I need help with that, and distracted, since all my baby stuff is in storage and I haven't been able to nest at all.

I made two towel wraps for Grant today, here is one I made out of a tan hand towel. It was very easy! Grant loves to shower with Daddy and when Tom get out of the shower he wraps his towel around his waist and walks around the house. Grant, of course, wants to be just like his daddy and ends up with a towel wrapped under his armpits like 6 times, dragging the floor, and usually trips, so I decided he needed a little wrap just his size!

All you need is a towel that is the appropriate size for who will be wearing it. The one I made was for a gent, so it only needed to be the right size for his waist. This same idea will work for ladies, obviously you need a towel long enough to go under their armpits to the correct length around knee level. You also need about 6 inches of Velcro, matching thread, and 2" wide elastic. If you would like complete directions I can email them to you. It is super easy! I'm going to get some appliques to sew onto Grants of animals or sports stuff to jazz it up a bit, but you could add ribbon, bows, or anything cute to add a special touch. Pair this with some slippers, a jar of bath salts, or lotion and you have a wonderful spa gift!