Monday, April 27, 2009

Review of the New!

This past Monday, KFC launched it's new GRILLED CHICKEN at locations nationwide and gave away a free piece per person. Grant, Tommy, my dad, and I loaded up and headed to the Jenks KFC to get our 4 free pieces and head over to the park for a picnic and some play time. Luckily we beat the rain and had a great time!

Now, back to the chicken! It was DELICIOUS!!! It was moist, juicy, and very tender, not to mention how much healthier it is without all that oil and breading. Grant loves KFC's fried chicken and noodles, but he gobbled this up at the park like it was dessert! The pieces were huge, enough to fill up my 6'4" father and the bottomless pit who is my husband. I was so happy that they offered this free deal since KFC is normally something we don't eat often due to cost. Thanks KFC for the free dinner and for letting me out of cooking for one night!

On a separate note, Domino's was running a promotion this afternoon for it's new Pasta Bowls. There are 5 different kinds or you can customize one of your own. This was something that was happening all over the nation and we were excited for a FREE lunch! I called ahead to the 91st and Delaware Domino's over by Jenks and placed our order, I told them I had the flier stating there was no coupon needed and that it said one per customer, so we needed two, one for Tom and one for Grant, (it was a boys day out!). So the boys drove over to pick them up, showed them the flier, and the lovely employee said, "Uhm, those aren't real coupons, I don't appreciate you trying to scam us." Tom tried to explain that we had already talked to someone and they said the promotion didn't require a coupon. After a long drawn out conversation Tom called me and asked me to call a different location to see if they would honor the promotion and the wonderful location at 69th and Sheridan said they would. He told the first location that and they said, "Fine, if they will honor it, go there" -again acting like we were lying!!!

The bread bowls we received were absolutely DELICIOUS, the service at 69th and Sheridan was wonderful, a free lunch was most enjoyable, and I will not be giving any of my business to the location at 91st and Delaware anymore!!!


  1. Great site! It was my first time visiting! :)


  2. You are a savvy shopper extraordinaire!