Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One of the hardest parts about moving to a new area is leaving behind everything you know and EVERYONE you know! It is also overwhelming to think about meeting new people and having to start relationships from ground zero. I so cherish the friends that I have made here in Tulsa, but they can't BE in Michigan and to not be super lonely, obviously, I have to make new friends. This is very hard for me and I've been praying that God will help me and open up opportunities to meet new people. I've already contacted the nearest MOPs group, the Muskegon LLL, and a family group there that has activities and outings for us to go to, so hopefully I'm on my way.

Another thing that makes me sad about leaving, is that Grant has just now gotten to that age where he is starting to play WITH friends, not just around other kids. He has really started to enjoy playing with Ryan, my BF's little boy, and he really looks forward to hanging out with him whether it's at the park, mall, or one of our homes. While I know he wont be really aware of all that is happening, it will be sad that we won't get to have our weekly play date together anymore.

Grant is also going to miss heading to his favorite park, just right down the road from our house.


  1. So hard to leave behind friends! Totally with you on it being hard for the little ones, too! You'll do great at getting involved!

  2. Aw, wow. It is hard to leave people behind. But it sounds like you have a good plan in place for meeting new friends! For 8 years, I worked in an intensive English program, and every 4 weeks I said goodbye to different students. It was SO HARD at first, and I wasn't the one who was leaving! Eventually I realized that we could keep in touch and I have even met many of them again on my travels and their return trips to Oklahoma.

  3. My boys are already crying about starting over. It breaks my heart. :o(