Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Family of Three

We have had such a fun week together! Being a family of three is fun and even though we are super excited about our new addition, it is hard to believe that after over 2 years, our family will soon be growing again! I don't think that reality has set in that the baby will be here so soon!

It has been so much fun having Tommy home to help out and Grant and him have really gotten close. I'm not sure Grant understands that Tom is not a little kid friend and is his Daddy, because they play together like little brothers. We have been trying to prepare Grant for a new baby, but we talk about the baby and Tom rubs my tummy, and Grant puts his finger in my belly button, twirls his finger back and forth and just laughs, so I think he is in for a big surprise!

We went ahead tonight and packed my hospital bag, cleaned out the car, and set up the pack-n-play next to our bed. Grant wanted to lay in it, but we again tried to let him know that it was there for the baby.....someone needs to tell the cat as well! He has always loved to nap with Grant so now he is breaking in the pack-n-play!

This past weekend started our last hoorah before the baby comes. Friday we went out to a farm to pick blueberries and strawberries and had a blast! Since Grant's favorite color is blue, he was very good at only picking the BLUE berries, not the green or red unripe ones!! Saturday we headed to OKC to have a nice babymoon dinner at my favorite restaurant, Pepperoni Grill and stayed at a Holiday Inn so Grant could have some fun swimming. The water felt really good and the boys had a great time! The next morning we headed to the Zoo and stayed as long as we could until I was ready to pass out, Grant was about to fall asleep, and Tom was sweating bullets! Then we loaded up and headed back to Tulsa. We all took a late afternoon nap and went to the mall that evening for some inside play!

Monday we went to Whiteside park and played, enjoyed a picnic lunch, then headed to the pool for some free swimtime! I had a great time laying beside the pool reading a book I needed to finish and return to the library before we move and again the boys had fun splashing and playing with the other kids! It was like a fertility fest at Whiteside, there were like 10 moms there and a good 7 of them were big and pregnant like myself (must have been a boring winter!).

Then today, we went to Pottery Barn Kids for their storytime and got our last stamp, so Grant got to pick out a $10 gift he wanted to get! We got a fun Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle of vehicles.....it makes noise when you put in the correct pieces, Grant LOVES it! Then we headed to the Jenks Library to get some movies, then to Target! Busy day! After naptime, Tommy said we needed to head to the mall and surprised me with a pedicure so my toes will look beautiful for the baby's arrival and you know the Doc loves seeing pretty toes on big swollen elephant legs, hehe! Grant and Tom got some free food samples then headed to the play place while I relaxed, oh it was sooooooo nice!

I said to Tom that it was probably our last outing as a family of three and he looked at me strange, like he hadn't thought about it. He said that that made him sad. He is very excited about #2 munchkin coming along, but after 2 years a chapter is closing and I can totally see what he is feeling and feel it too. Grant, we have had a great time with you at the center of our world for the last two years and can't wait to see you grow into a loving big brother. New baby, we can't wait to meet you and see what a wonderful plan God has for your little life!

P.S. - I have some fun and beautiful pictures from our babymoon, but again my camera is being a pill so you will have to wait until after the baby comes and I can upload them all! I hope you all have a great week!


  1. You're almost there! Hang in there! :)

    And yay for family bonding time / babymoons...

  2. Sounds like a perfect babymoon weekend. Good luck on delivery!

  3. Hope everything went great! Thinking of you!