Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chance meeting? I think not!

This weeks challenge is to share how we met our wonderful husband, so here goes....

I was a 2nd semester freshman, Tom was a second semester Junior. He had been the floor president on the 3rd floor in Willham North for a couple years, a vacancy had just come available on my floor, the 2nd floor, and I stepped up to take the job. I had gone to only one hall wide meeting and met a few people, but I had made a lasting impression on a guy I'd never even seen or spoken to.

Tom says that the moment he saw me at the meeting, he knew he had to meet me, so a couple of days later when an incident happened on his floor, he saw his chance. Tom's RA was a pot head that was univolved and never present on his floor. Tommy called me to help him when a problem arose a week later. There were some guys smoking pot on his floor and he asked me to come help. I said I would be right up, but in my head I was thinking, "Why are you calling me? I've been a president for one week, I don't know what to do?"

I was soon in his room and we discussed what we would do. We decided we should verify for sure what the huge cloud of smoke was coming from and then we would call the hall leader and the police. Out we trudged down the hall. Tommy knocked on the door and the "brainiacs" actually opened the door to see what we wanted. After being knocked over by billowing smoke, we called the authorites and allowed the professionals take over.

While still in his room, after finishing our reports, Tommy asked me if I wanted to come back later that evening to watch a movie with his floor! Way to take advantage of the situation! And here we are today! A couple months later Tommy asked me to marry him and on June 12, 2004 we were married at Theta Pond on the OSU Campus!

God had a plan for our lives, He had a perfect plan! I learned from this experience that SOMEONE is always watching. I went to a meeting to help out when a floor president was needed, but a guy I didn't even know was watching and liked what he saw. God is always there watching too! No matter how small the role, no matter what situation, remember someone is watching you and hopefully they are encouraged with what they see. Our lives are always a tool to witness and share God's love. Remember - even our smallest action can influence those around us.


  1. Sounds about as romantic as the way Chris and I met - but you are right, someone is always watching!