Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Completing Him: Letting Him Lead

This week's challenge was to talk to our husbands about the goals they have for our families. Where do they see us in 1 year, 5 years, and even 10 years down the road. Our goals as wives should be to support that vision any way we can, and most times that means stepping back and letting our husband's lead and being the behind the scenes helper.

In our family I try to always clear things through Tom first and with his busy schedule, sometimes that means waiting. This past week Tom has been super busy. Well, many things had transpired during that time, so I had a lot to run by him. My friend had offered us a dog house, I had some shops available, and I had seen some items on clearance we needed. I ran those all by Tom because he likes to know where the money in the envelopes is going. He worked on the budget and set the amounts up and we both feel that he is ultimately responsible for bringing in the money, making sure we are being good stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with, and seeing that wise decisions are being made. This doesn't of course mean that he is paying the monthly bills, stocking up on good sales, or buying our groceries. I do all of that but he has the lead in that department.

Now maybe this seems extreme to many of you, but personally, I don't want to have that kind of responsibility. This is one of many areas we feel the Lord wants the man to be in charge of, but I work with Tommy's vision for our family and try to carry it out to the best of my ability. You see, one of our vision is to be debt free in the next five years. That's where we know God wants us to be and we know that it is doable. Tom's goal is that we continue to save now and once he starts practice continue to live like we always have. Just because we might get a raise, doesn't mean our budget should. Once we are debt free we can continue to give, but on a much larger scale and bless those in need. Yes, once we have our student debt and home paid off, we would love to enjoy some extra blessings for our family but our life wont change that much. If we are happy and healthy with a resident's salary, then we don't need anything else.

Another part of our vision is to see that our children love the Lord and we feel one of the most important aspect of that goal, is to model behavior that is pleasing to God. It takes work to be purposeful in everything one does, but to us, that is why we are still on this earth. We will homeschool them, teach them about God's gifts to us, and how to pass those treasures onto others around them.

I personally love setting goals. I love seeing the dedication and hard work go in and the payoff at the end. Do you have a vision for your family?

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  1. Lex, I think that's a great goal to be debt free in five years! I know you can do it.
    We've talked about what we want to do financially, and I've always been grateful that Spencer and I are on the same page that way. We made our budget together and we make sure the other knows about our purchases. It really makes a difference.

    Thanks for your comment, by the way! It was fun to hear from you. Hope you're all settled now that you're back!