Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Year Later!

Morgan, I can't believe you've been in our lives for over a year now! You are so special to us and we wouldn't trade you for anything. God truly blessed us when He sent you our way!The first six months of life were hard on you (and me) with you being so colicky and upset. You screamed from 8pm to 3am every night for nearly 3 months. It made us so sad to see you in such pain, and once we finally got you on some medicine the screaming got toned down a bit.

You have just grown so quickly and have a sweet ornery streak! You can climb up anything, figure out how to get into the strangest places, and are super smart when it comes to figuring out how things work!! You learned to walk over a month ago and there has been no stopping you!
You can say "Caaa" when you see Brody, "Dah" when you see Brinkley, and can say Dada and Mama really clearly when you want something! You LOVE LOVE LOVE to drink out of cups and are thirsty all the time!
You love to cuddle and will sit and look through books, just like you know what they say. Your a great dancer and can dunk a mean basketball!!

We love you so much!!

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