Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Fresh Start!

I love making lists!! I love checking off the things that I've accomplished - it's so fulfilling!!! Since it is a new year and things have now slower down from the holidays, we've decided to reevaluate some things.

1.) Budgeting - our next big goal is to sell/trade the scooter and a trailer we bought in the move, and buy Tom a car. It's getting hard for me to make it to Dr's' appointments and other necessary appointments these days - I'm still on the fence about it since I only need the car about 3 times a month, but it was a good run for two years with just our one car. We also are going to try and lower other expenses in order to cover the new cost of additional gas and insurance, this way we can keep our same $500 going to savings each month. Tom said we can look at the budget tonight...I'm giddy!!

2.) Menu Planning - in order to start from scratch and get us back on track, January is going to be an official "Eat us out of house and home" month. My goal is to not buy anything besides milk and things that are a MUST to complete a meal I already have in my cabinets!! I'm so excited, my goal is to spend under $100 on groceries this month to recoup some money from hosting 12 people twice over November and December, not to mention we have plenty of food in the house and I would love to have empty cupboards to scrub and clean at the end of the month!!!

3.) Cleaning - With baby number 3 on the way, I'm feeling the need to nest and get organized!!! I'm beginning to get some strength back on some days, so I've jumped in full swing with packing away outgrown clothes, cleaning out cabinets in the laundry room and bathroom, and have even re-organized the school/play closet. My goal is to have us pared down to essentials by the end of the month so that my life will be easier and our family time wont be wasted on cleaning and tidying the house constantly. I'm also hoping to implement a new weekly schedule to stay on top of the cleaning, just so I'm not overhauling the house one day a week, who has the time and energy??

4.)Prep for Baby - I'm also trying to get a jump on sewing new things for the baby. With Morgan, I waited until about month 7 to really get things completed, but I'm hoping that throughout January and February I can get most of my things sewn together. I've already got the diaper bag pieces all cut out and they are ready to assemble. Now all I have left is two pair of little slippers, a changing pad, blanket, and some bibs.

5.) Family Time - We have had so much on our plate lately that family time as slipped to the very bottom. We have had a house full of company, been driving here and there, and I did quite a bit of contract work in December. I'm ready to go back to quiet evenings at home together and just relax. This helps the budget too, so it's a win win!! Most nights this month Tom has been home around 5:30 which is a great improvement over the last 3 months AND he has TWO long weekends this month (on call Thursdays). Next month he is house officer and we are really looking forward to him being home most days!!

I can't wait to check these goals off by (hopefully) the end of January!

Have you set any goals for this month???
I'd love to hear about them!

I'm trying to keep my lists short for each month in an effort to not get overwhelmed and burnt out. Hopefully by the end of 2011 we will accomplish all the things that God has laid on our hearts as important goals for our family!!


  1. I love reading other's goals...these are great! My "word" for 2011 is 'simplify'...I'm just getting so tired of the stuff! I love the idea of emptying the pantry and using what is already there...I've actually started doing that myself. Budgeting is something that I've struggled with for a loooong time. Enjoy your sewing projects! What fabric did you choose for the diaper bag?

  2. I agree with Jessi -I love reading others' goals! My goals for this month are to be positive and exercise more and eat healthy. I am setting goals for each month, but this is a pretty typical one for January! We are also on a tight budget and my cabinets / fridge are almost always pretty bare because we eat it down each month... What kind of sewing do you do for your babies? I saw your diaper bag idea. So cute! I'm embarrassed to say my favorite diaper bag was always the one the hospital gave me. Eek... I think because it was 'purse style' - which apparently you can make, also!