Monday, March 19, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Training Today

Last week we chatted about how we have to weigh the Now vs the Future. Some days choosing Now takes alot more effort that it should. Sometimes Now get's pushed to later or even tomorrow. I'm not proud of those decisions, but the great news is that - His mercies are new every morning - and I usually get another chance to do the right thing, NOW!

If you come over to my house on an average day, this is what our playroom would look like......
 and sometimes.
Scary huh??

But during the 1pm-4pm quiet time we observe, and when it's time to hop in the tub at 8pm each night, this is what you would find 98% of the time.....

much better.
Does this room miraculously suck toys back onto shelves, reassmble millions of toys with tiny pieces, or wipe up spills from snacks? Oh I wish that was the truth!
Hardly! It took intentional training and that training is still happening each day. And I'm thinking it will be going on for many, many years to come..... :)
Would it be faster for me to run in there every day after the kids are asleep and clean everything up? Yes, for the now, it would be faster. Or wouldn't it be even easier to just leave everything out? I mean they are going to be playing with that stuff again tomorrow and after naptime right?
Sometimes, easier isn't better. Sometimes, faster isn't better.

If I cleaned up for them, the kids would never learn the skill of being responsible for the messes they make. They would never have the oportunity to learn how to do it for themselves. My 5 year old is a super helper. There has been many a time I've been nursing a baby or on the phone and I have been able to ask him to start picking up the playroom and to my surprise I have found it completely finished upon my arrival. On a super day, I may even overhear him showing his 2 year old brother how to clean up too.

Did God instill this boy with super cleaning and organizing genes? Of course not, it has taken 3-4 years of instructing and modeling how to clean up the playroom to get to this point. Because I sacrificed in the NOW, the FUTURE has gotten easier.

How about the idea of leaving it all out everywhere?? Well let's start with the truth......I would go absolutely crazy!!!  I would also be failing my children in leading them to believe that that is how God wants us to live. Self-descipline would fly out the window and quickly the entire house would be overtaken with items out everywhere. Because they know that twice a day they will be cleaning up their mess, they also start to rethink dragging out every board game, train, and item of dress up clothing, which makes the room easier to clean.

Training them NOW teaches them skills that they will need in the FURTURE at their job, in their home, and in their world. By taking the time to pause now and do the right thing, I benefit in the future by having children that are a help and a blessing, not a burden.
So is it worth it to SHOW them 15-20 times or DO it for the next 15-20 YEARS?

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