Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Helpful Hints: Laundry Shortcuts

Feel like your drowning in a sea of laundry? Why not simplify your routine by getting most of it done while you're asleep?

Start a load of laundry right before you head to bed and you can start your morning with almost one chore checked off your list!

I've noticed that my energy level starts to go downhill around 3:30ish in the afternoon, so this way, I've gotten a big chore off my list while I'm still bright eyed and bushy-tailed!!

Here are two easy options that can really shorten your chores for the day. Option one is good for a traditional laundry routine. Option two is great for those in the season of mothering little nursing ones or can work great if you are an early riser or have a hubby that gets off to work early and can switch the load.

  1. Start a cold load the night before "laundry day", and then pop it into the dryer first thing that next morning. Right after taking your morning shower, wipe down the bathroom with your towel and start the hot load. By the time lunch time hits,  you will have two loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and ready to put away!
  2. Start your hot load the night before, make sure to wipe down the bathroom with your towels before tossing them in. In the middle of the night or early morning, switch the first load to the dryer and start the cold load. By the time you are up and around, the hot load will be ready with a nice warm towel for your morning shower and you will have the second load dry by the time breakfast is over!
What are so ways you minimize your laundry duties?

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