Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home Organizing 101 Challenge

Over the next 14 weeks, I will be participating in the Home Organization 101 challenge! I'm already super excited and have made huge strides in the first hot spot, THE KITCHEN!!

Would you like to join??

I purge all the time, but lately I've realized that my purging has been half-hearted. As long as things were fitting in the area they needed to fit in, I felt pretty good. But God has really been working on my heart and has shown me that I was putting this stuff in front of Him.
I thought it was stuff I would eventually use, but when I really stepped back and saw what I was holding onto and my clenched fists, I knew it was time to bless someone else with it.

An added bonus is that we will most likely be moving this upcoming July and I really don't want to move ANYTHING we aren't using.

I also came upon this fabulous blog that really encouraged me on my mission! What she says as she's trying to turn loose of some throw pillow, small dishes, and knives really inspired me....

"The truth is, decluttering should be hard. I should be standing in my kitchen with tears streaming down my face, beating my breast and calling out to God over all the times I wandered through stores full of fragile items, justifying myse...
lf as I put things I don't need into my cart. I should be on my knees repenting for caring more about polka dot dishes than starving orphans. I should be begging God to never let me forget again that we are here for something so much better than spending and consuming and storing up treasure here on this broken earth. We are here to touch lives. We are here to spend our lives on HIM.

How many more children could we have sponsored through compassion international if we weren't so busy filling our home with trinkets? How many people in our community could we have reached out to if we weren't spending our time trying to find a parking spot at the mall?

But instead I stand in my kitchen wondering whether I want a more authentic walk with the maker of the universe, or some really cute polka dot dishes.

And this realization, this conviction, brings me to my knees. Lord, break my heart with the things that break yours. "
During the last three weeks of August the sermon's at church were about contentment and again, these messages were transforming! I encourage you to listen to them!

I was being bombarded by these all of these messages on contentment from every angle and would be a fool not to listen, take heart, and put what I've learned into practice!

Join me on my mission to simplify, give to others, and rethink what needs really are!!!

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