Friday, September 7, 2012

Organizing 101: The Kitchen

All the trash, bags, and boxes I cleaned out of the kitchen.
Well things always seem to get worse before they get better. I decided now was the perfect time to take food out of bags and boxes and get things into re-fillable containers to help cut down on clutter and spills.

In the last week, I had cleaned up spilled animal crackers and cereal three times due to little helpers and had noticed that some of our chips and cereal had gotten stale before we used it and I just can't stand to be wasteful.

I talked it over with Tom and we decided to get some great containers from Home and Garden to put our items in that would not only keep them fresh but keep little ones out of the snacks!
This is my broom cabinet, it didn't have many things in it, but was still untidy and cluttered.

I rearranged some things, threw out some things, and sent some stuff to the shelter and now it's a lovely place to live, if you are a broom and mop, of course!

I got rid of a box of wine glasses we had gotten right after getting married, we don't drink, so I'm not sure why we even had them. There were multiple kitchen gadgets and odds and ends that needed to gp!

I don't have much cabinet space but I now have many cabinets that are totally empty!
I now feel like if we were to move next week, I could have ANYONE pack my kitchen up and KNOW that I would be moving nothing but what I actually love and use!! How freeing!

My hubby helped me clean the over until it looked brand new !

Awe, clutter free cabinets!!
 This island only has my stand mixer on one side, some kitchen towels, and a junk drawer that only has a few things inside it now! I LOVE EMPTY CABINETS!!!!

Once it was all said and done I had 5 bags full of donations, and 4 bags of trash!!!


  1. What a wonderful feeling!! I am in serious need of the same. That is my goal over the next six months so we can be ready to go in under a year.
    Hope all your interviews went well! Excited to hear where you end up!