Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days to a Stress Free Holiday Season - Day 10

We've really been focusing on getting ready for Thanksgiving over that last 9 days, but to really have a stress free holiday season, we need to start thinking ahead to Christmas too!

Now is a great time to get family pictures taken. By getting a jump on it, you can beat the rush and crowds at the portrait studio, get your photos back quicker, and start planning what you would like to do for your Christmas card! Most portrait studios already have their Christmas borders ready to go in October, so if you want printed cards you can get those taken care of now and have them signed, stuffed, and addressed before Thanksgiving rolls around.

October is also a great month to get pictures taken because your children won't change much before Christmas and if you are doing wardrobe changes you can still work in some summer outfits mixed with fall and winter clothes you have already picked out.

When do you normally get pictures taken? Christmas? Birthdays?

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  1. We haven't taken our holiday pictures yet! We're going to Disneyland next month, so I'll most likely use a picture from the trip. I like to choose a photo from an event during the year like a vacation instead of doing a formal portrait. We're kind of casual about it. :)