Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days to a Stress Free Holiday Season - Day 3

Now that we know what we want to do and what we are going to do first, it's a great time get out our calendars and put our ideas onto paper and plan our attack!

By taking things steady and slowly there is a better chance that we will really accomplish all that we want to do. There is also a better chance that we won't get overwhelmed or burned out and start to fizzle.
Look at your list and see how many things need to get done and spread these things out over the next 31 days. The best part about this challenge, is that since we have started so early getting our plans together, we also have most of November to wrap up any projects that take longer than expected.
Can you take an afternoon and research recipes? Is there a free weekend you can get all of your decorations out, purge them, get your home decorated for fall and have your Christmas decorations ready to go? Will sewing some gifts take a little work each day up until Christmas? Write down your plans on your calendar and use it as a guide to get your started!
What plans do you have that need to get put on paper?

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