Monday, July 8, 2013

10 Days of Separation!

Our daddy left 10 days ago to head north to take a load of stuff, to start training and to work 4 shifts at his new job! We've never been separated this long as a couple and the kids have obviously never spent this much time away from daddy. 

Most people aren't aware, but part of my mystery "disease" is memory loss. I'm trying to document more of our daily lives in an effort to remember more in the future. I don't remember most of my wedding, honeymoon, trips we've taken, and even entire years of my life. Someday I probably wont remember being apart, being hugely pregnant, or moving from Sapulpa to Vicksburg, so it will be nice to have some pictures and documentation to show me all the fun and excitement that occurred during this time!

While being apart wasn't our first choice, I've tried to keep us busy doing some fun things and while we've had a blast, I'm not sure how people do this all the time. Our usual schedule entails heading to church, the library, and maybe the pool twice a week and these last 10 days, we've only had ONE day where we didn't leave the house!!


We've completed the summer reading program and gotten our awards!! You know this mama loves free stuff and free food is right up our alley!!

Of course free fun while eating free food is a must!!!!

We've made fun mail for our daddy! Shhhhhhh

 The mall play place is always a nice cool option where a 36 week pregnant mama can sit while the littles burn off some energy!!!

On the FOURTH Papa and Nana came over, grilled out with us, bought us tons of fun poppers to explode, and we sat and watched "AMERICAN CELEBRATES AMERICA" fireworks from our yard!!

We even had a do nothing day, where we played outside, watched movies, ran through the sprinkler, and played in our "new to us" was so NICE!!

I hope we never have to spend this much time apart again, but we've had our fun and I'm sure daddy has had a nice break that he deserves for all his hard work!!

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