Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to School 2013

The 2013-2014 school year has officially started!!! This year to kick off the festivities, we decided to start a new tradition that our family can look forward to each year. CUPCAKES!!!!

 We had cupcakes for breakfast! I had seen this cute cupcake kit at ALDI the other day and knew with it's university theme, it would be the perfect start to our day.
 (Not to mention that Woogy LOVES Sully and Mike!)

 After icing and decorating our cupcakes, we got all sugared up!!!

Then we moved on to our yearly tradition of front porch pictures with the "principal"!! It was raining like crazy on Monday, but we were able to snap a quick pictures between downpours!

Bitsy joined us in picture day!

 My sweet cuties!!

 Then we headed into the table to start our day!!

 We worked on matching!

Some handwriting!!

 Hand-eye coordination!

Then as a first day treat(mess) we made moonsand!!! We put Kool-aid in it for a yummy smell and to add color! It was tons of fun!!

We had a first great day and we are all really excited about our year! It's such a blessing that daddy will be home to teach school with me most days and that he will be able to have such a positive, manly influence on our boys! 

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