Monday, January 25, 2016

Curriculum 2015-2016

Happy January!

This school year has been a blur and change has been the name of the game! We've bought a house to flip, lost a job, added two new jobs, had a baby, and are just about to move into our newly refurbished house! (That alone was enough learning for all of us!)

I went back and read my curriculum post from 2014-2015 and seriously, I could have copied and pasted most of it directly into this post. No matter what our family has planned for the year God always brings more excitement and adventure than we ever thought possible!

I know this post is horribly late, but again this year we are loving most of our curriculum picks, so I want to take time to document what we have been up to!

Group Learning:
Grant (age 8): 
Paige (age 4): 
We are STILL loving learning as a family and the Beautiful Feet core has worked great for everyone. This year we picked up in the 1800's and have moved into the Civil War period. We enjoy cuddling together every day on the couch as we read great classic books, adventure stories, and other great read alouds as we journey through early American history.

Most of the other items we are using in a group setting tie in with our history core. It has taken our learning to such a practical level that allows us to apply what we've learned in our every day lives!

We will be finishing up our Horizon's Math this year, but I believe we will be moving on to something new when our workbooks are full. We have enjoyed learning the basics with Horizon's but as we progress along, I'm beginning to see gaps and areas where we weren't clearly taught the why but only the how and with more advanced concepts coming up, we really need to review the why. If all goes as planned at least Grant will be using Teaching Textbooks next year and possibly Morgan as well.

While plans may change, we hope to continue using many of these resources next year and continue learning in such a relaxed and easy format. I hope to review more of what we are using this year and share some things we hope to adventure into in the future! 

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