Monday, August 8, 2016

Curriculum 2016-2017

Even though our family learns 365 days a year, I always try to take time sometime during the year to document what we are using that year as far as curriculum goes. This year I have three kiddos actively learning and two tiny tots learning by osmosis! ;)

I try to combine as many subjects together and do as much as a group as possible to keep our days short and engaging. Our goal it to focus on structured learning three days a week, devote day a week to lifeskills and handicrafts, and then use one day for field trips, trips to the library, errands, swim lessons, or other extra curricular activities. Our days usually run from 9:30am to noon, with our afternoons free for individual pursuits, exploration, nature walks/studies, and quiet time.

Group Learning:
Grant (age 9): 

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