Thursday, March 10, 2011

February's Fabulous Fabric Festivities

Well the festivities have drawn to a close and I just realized I had forgotten to post our last creation! I think it is officially my favorite! Between the fabric and the shape, its a true beauty!
I love this wrap style because I can size it on her and then place the snaps accordingly and then as she grows, I can move the snaps and add some sweet leggings and it will last for a while!!
I love to sew and I was so blessed to have February with my Bunny home during the day! I got tons of things finished and really got a chance to rest as well. We made 6 dresses, two pairs of shoes, many little flowers for hair, hats, bags, and dresses, a diaper bag, changing pad, 5 burp cloths, 2 bibs, an ironing board cover, recovered our headboard, and some other odds and ends.
I do hope to finish a blanket, lovey, sew some tops and a couple other dresses, and make some additional pillows with the left overs from the headboard. Now I just have to find some time!!

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  1. All I can say is, Wow!! What a productive month!