Thursday, March 10, 2011


February was an amazing month for our family! So much family and bonding time, it was truly a blessing from the Lord. If we had known what this month would have been like, we would have tried to move it to June when our new baby was due!
Feeding the turtles at the aquarium is something Grant had always wanted to do, so we splurged! I'm thinking we should have packed our own carrot strips!

Woogy loved the turtles too!!
Grant had to have a picture with the sharks and this is the one he wanted me to post, "Shiny" he said!!

Playdough is always fun, but with Dad making wonderful "abstract" creations, the boys thought it was fabulous!

We made cupcakes and ate all but 2 that same day!! Those last two were eaten by little Monsters for breakfast the next morning.....thanks for letting me sleep in honey! :)'

Sewing with Daddy!!

We also made a trip to the zoo on a beautiful day, visited Chuck E. Cheese, played at the mall, had picnics, went to the park, library, and had tons of fun while still staying under our normal family fun budget of $60!!! A staycation can be a super way to do some wonderfully fun things as a family but not spend a lot of money.

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  1. That is so wonderful! I love the "shiny" picture. And I really love that Tom can sew. Spencer can too and I love it. We haven't been doing projects like you have, but I love that he does repairs on his own.