Monday, March 26, 2012

The 2%

So last Monday I shared our outlook on training our children now so that they could be responsible adults in the future! I don't want you too get the wrong idea....that 98% I spoke of takes time, effort, patients.......things that on some days I don't possess.

I also wanted to show you the 2%.

The "I'm getting nothing done, but cleaning up messes, nursing babies, cooking food, and doing laundry days"'s it amazing that those days always seem to occur when my hubs either has to work late, has a meeting, or is on call.........hmmm

No the playroom didn't get cleaned up before nap time, no the lunch table isn't cleaned up, and no today's chores didn't get completed. Today we have welcomed the stomach flu into our home, yippee!! Nothing like bathing kids 3 times before noon and having laundry coming out your ears.

We are not perfect, no where near.

Every good intention on our part to have a scheduled and organized home has flown out the window and that's ok. So remember, if you are looking at someone's blog and thinking they have it all together --- They don't, I sure don't. It's good to be real, truthful, and open.

I'm a broken, imperfect sinner just like the next gal but I'm happy to say that someday I will be perfect!

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